About us


SURTEC has no brand and was established in 1985.
With a UL/ETL on site verified laboratory, we are a professional manufacturer and service center that provides excellent product quality and customer service. Our headquarters are located in Keelung city, Taiwan and have a total floor area of 17,000 square meters.


“ We not only manufacture;
we realize our customers’ ideas and designs. ”

Surtec has more than 35 years of OEM/ODM experience along with what we believe is the strongest engineering team in the business. We have specialized in the development of voice and data structed cabling solutions. We have 25 mechanical and 25 electrical engineers who provide us with rapid product design and are well versed in all aspects of the process of new product development. Additionally we have a group that designs and produces automatic assembly machines. These machines are used in our production area to help increase productivity and to ensure product reliability - every single component is 100% inspected for quality assurance. Finally, we have received certificates for quality system accreditation – ISO 9001/TL 9000 – and environmental protection – ISO 14000 - and the safety and performance of our products are certified by both UL and ETL/Delta.


Surtec has over 400 employees

Surtec has over 400 employees and, when needed, we work well with subcontractors for specialized design of equipment as needed. However, we are proud that we are capable of designing and building our own automatic assembly systems which are one part of our engineering group’s remarkable achievements. ...

Additionally, we believe that we can work towards creating a sustainable operation and that Environment, Social, and Corporate Governance ( ESG) is an important goal to work towards. We think that the Environment is critically important for ourselves and the future. We are doing our part to reduce the impact of our product on the environment and to promote sustainability wherever we can. We also believe that social welfare is an important component of our corporate responsibility. We believe in diversity in the workplace, safe and humane working conditions and in giving to those who are less fortunate. Finally, we also believe in equitable Corporate Governance, equitable pay and bonuses and the elimination of corruption and bribery in the business world.