“Introduce high technology solutions
Integrate products into manufacturing with efficiency.”

As an experienced OEM/ODM manufacturer, SURTEC has extensive knowledge and experience in creating products for our customers. We do our best to uphold the concept of customer service and we provide our customers with high-quality products that meet their specifications and are used all over the world. ...

SURTEC helps customers shorten their development time and enhance the competitiveness of their products.
To work toward that goal, we have more than 50 engineers, including product design, electrical design, mechanical design, plastic mold design and manufacturing, plastic injection molding, metal product design and manufacturing, packaging design and automatic assembly machine design. We have our own mold shop, injection area and a variety of subcontractors that can produce products using CNC, laser cutting and NCT. We have co-operated with many of these companies for more than 35 years.
Our R&D team has grasped the key technologies and concepts in the industry.
We take a macro view of the product system: We understand the different characteristics and requirements, we introduce high technology solutions via our engineers and associates, and integrate products into manufacturing with efficiency. All our efforts are concentrated toward the goal of developing the highest quality products with the best functionality and value within the deadline specified to achieve the competitiveness our customers demand.
Feel the Energy of the Surtec development team !


Our Taiwan Lab is certified by both ETL & UL for on-site verification. We have an experienced R&D team and a modern laboratory fully equipped to develop the highest quality and most reliable products. This helps to guarantee that the field performance of these products is in compliance with the industry standards.



Mechanical Testing
Standard Tests
ANSI/TIA-1096 Gold Surface Layer
Nickel Barrier Layer
ANSI/TIA-1096 Contact Force
IEC 60603-7
Mechanical Operations
IEC 60603-7 Effectiveness of Connector Coupling Device
IEC 60603-7 Insertion and Withdrawal Forces
IEC 60352-3 Transverse Extraction Force
IEC 60352-3
Repeated Connection and Disconnection
ANSI/TIA-1096 FCC part 68, the dimensional requirements of plugs and jacks
Electrical / Safety Testing
Standard Tests
UL 1863 Fault Current Test
Dielectric Voltage Withstand Test
Millivolt Drop Test
Leakage Current Test
Heat Test
Strain Relief Test
Drop Test
Impact Test
Crush Test
Flex Test
Pull Test
Thermal Aging and Flame Test Accelerated Aging
UL 2416 Issue 2, Section 12.5,
Communications Equipment Racks,
Cabinets and Enclosures
UL 2043 Heat Release Rate
Smoke Release Rate
Normalized Optical Density
IEC 60603-7 Insulation Resistance
Voltage Proof
Contact Resistance
Temperature Derating
Transmission Performance
Standard Tests
ISO/IEC 11801
Connecting Hardware
Alien Crosstalk
Transfer Impedance
Coupling Attenuation
Environmental Testing
Standard Tests
IEC 60068-2 Salt Spray Test
IEC 60068-2 Cyclic Damp Heat Test
Miscellaneous Testing
Standard Tests
IEC 60529 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures
IEC 60512-99-002 Power Over Ethernet Application
Supports IEEE 802.3af / 802.3at (PoE/PoE+) and
proposed 802.3bt type 3 and type 4 (PoE++) applications