SURTEC places great emphasis on intellectual property rights. That’s why in the development phase, we are careful to apply for and secure our Patent rights up front. We do this to protect our R&D investment for ourselves and our customers and to secure our New Product Development Process. ...

With over 185 Product Patents which are valid in 11 different countries Surtec has:
35 US patents
16 EU patents
96 Taiwanese patents
38 Chinese patents
In particular, we have a unique contact design and are applying this patented technology to improve the CAT 6A performance of our products which comply to the TIA/EIA-568-C.2 standard and were certified with ETL in 2009. In addition to our Taiwan patent for this technology, we have received patents from the following countries: the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, Austria, the European Union, and China.

SURTEC’s Patent Research Program

A patent for an invention is the grant of an intellectual property right and protection to the inventor from those who would infringe on the patent. Patent infringement is the act of utilizing a patented invention without permission from the patent holder. When infringement is proven, the amount of compensation for the damages caused by the infringement of the patent right is assessed on the basis of the losses suffered by the patentee or the profits which the infringer has earned through the infringement. The amount may be assessed by reference to the appropriate multiple (1-3 times) of the amount of the exploitation fee of that patent under contractual license.

In order to respect the patent system and protect customers’ rights by protecting SURTEC's product design, SURTEC has invested in building a Patent Research Program including:

  • 01 US Patent Attorney Partnership

    SURTEC cooperates with a US Patent firm to work on our Patent Applications, Official Opinions, etc. As part of an official system approved by US Federal Legislation, SURTEC has a complete program to support customers regarding other patent related issues.

  • 02 Delphion Patent Database

    SURTEC uses the Delphion Patent Database as its major patent research platform. The SURTEC Patent Department gets information regarding the latest patents released by Patent offices in the US, Europe, Germany and WIPO. Searching patents with Delphion also saves a lot of time for the researchers.

  • 03 Search Scope

    SURTEC searches in the following patent offices to acquire official documents for more advanced research