“Surtec is not a brand.
We are a OEM/ODM manufacturer, design house and service center.”

In addition to our standard product lines, Surtec does a large volume of custom OEM and ODM work for our customers – many of which are famous worldwide brands. We have a lot of experience in making custom products for our customers based on their designs and also making brand new products for our customers based on their ideas. ...

We can take anything from your ‘sketch on a napkin’ to a set of detailed drawings and make it into a product exclusively for your company in a short period of time. In other words, we don’t just manufacture standard products for one industry, we can start from a basic idea and make a wide variety of commercial products. Additionally, all of the products that we manufacture are high quality! We have made a large investment in building a professional test laboratory and in the necessary equipment for inspection and testing so you can rest assured that – whatever the product – Surtec will produce it quickly, efficiently and with a quality that is difficult to beat!

On top of our OEM and ODM work Surtec can also provide logistical solutions for our customers. This helps them to adjust production, configure their shipments and ensures smooth delivery of goods. We are happy to provide support for our customers in procurement, inventory management and worldwide logistical solutions.